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Secret Sights


With a combined 26 years experience in providing tours in Yangshuo, Curry and Richard (Owner/Operators) guarantee to provide the best local English speaking Chinese guides, or recommendations for your to adventure out on your own. The Tea Cozy team knows many secret gems. Here are there to wet your appetite - we would be happy to share many more with you as we welcome you to stay with us.


View points

Moon Hill may be a cliche, but the views are fantastic and it is worth making the climb. Try to go EITHER first thing in the morning TO AVOID THE CROWDS, or LATE in the afternoon to see the sunset. For photography buffs, we would recommend Hebao Shan C get up early and be rewarded with an unparalleled view of the sunrise over the karst peaks and Li river.


Something for nothing

Fancy a swim in solitude? Come to the Tea Cozy and we will point you to the only stretch of the Dragon river (near the hotel) where you will not have to share it with the tourists on bamboo rafts. A small dam in this 2km section is perfect for a refreshing dip. Further along, see if you have the mettle to join the kids dive-bombing into the river FROM THE STONE BRIDGE!


Off the beaten path

Bikes are everywhere in Yangshuo and it is the best way to explore the area. To escape the throngs of tourists and the inevitable tour buses, our Tea Cozy team will take you off the beaten path near the GaotianTown area, where you can ride among the rice paddies, watch the village life go by and marvel at the karst peaks all around you.

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